COM2 Recycling Solutions: Creating New Products from old TVs and Monitors

Your e-recycling program is only as sound as your recycler's CRT glass management program

Over the past few years, a growing number of environmental violations at e-recycling facilities have come to light where recyclers simply stockpile CRT glass rather than paying to send it for recovery. Some of these companies have abandoned their business, leaving the mess and the financial liability for their customers to take care of.

COM2 began processing CRT glass at its Carol Stream, Illinois facility in 2009. After separating and cleaning the glass, the processed glass was sent to downstream facilities for final recovery. COM2 soon realized the constraints and costs of sending glass off site for final recovery were becoming prohibitive and decided to invest in its own CRT glass recovery process.

CRT GLASS TO CERAMIC TILE GLAZE: Replacing raw materials to produce superior ceramic tile products

CRT glass contains many of the essential ingredients of "frit", or glaze for ceramic tile. CRT glass performs as an excellent substitute for these raw materials thereby conserving natural resources, reducing carbon emissions and saving energy.

How it Works

After CRT glass is separated and cleaned of phosphors and other possible contaminants (metal, plastic, etc.), the glass is reduced in size (~1/4"). Both leaded and non-leaded glass are carefully mixed with other ingredients, replacing feldspar, sodium carbonate and quartz which are all required for production of frit and are all contained in CRT glass.

In traditional frit and glass manufacturing, these materials must be subject to high temperatures and fused. Since CRT glass has already been vitrified, the energy for that step in the process is eliminated. The lead contained in the funnel portion of CRT glass makes the glass highly fusible, further reducing the amount of energy required for the overall manufacturing process.

What We Accept

Intact TVs, monitors and other CRT containing devices
Bare CRT tubes
Separated funnel and panel glass
Mixed funnel and panel glass

What it Costs

Electronics Recyclers: COM2 offers volume-based discounts to electronics recyclers. Contact COM2 for pricing.

Businesses, organizations, communities, individuals –COM2 offers competitive pricing for TV and monitor recycling, either as a stand-alone recycling service or in conjunction with other e-recycling/asset management needs. Contact COM2 for custom pricing.