As technology advances, electronics have a reduced useful life. When the useful lives of your electronics have been reached, COM2 has safe, convenient ways to help you recycle them. We offer Chicago Electronics Recycling, CRT Glass Recycling, CRT Recycling services to Commercial, Residential, School, Hospital and Non-Profit customers.


Com2 Services: Chicago Electronics Recycling, CRT Glass Recycling, CRT Recycling

COM2 recycles a variety of e-waste including Chicago Electronics Recycling, CRT Glass Recycling and CRT Recycling and enables businesses and consumers to meet their social and legal obligations in the treatment of end-of-life electronics. By allowing COM2 to safely process your e-waste, reuse of the toxic materials they contain can be provided to various industries as raw material, avoiding landfills and endangering the environment.


COM2's Asset Remarketing Service captures the maximum value from your marketable end-of-life equipment. To maximize investment value recovery for our clients, our experience team has developed broad local, national and international markets for a wide variety of equipment types.

Recovery equipment types include:

  » Networking & Servers » Data Storage Systems » Medical Systems
  » Copiers and Printers » Telecommunications » Point of Sale Systems
  » Desktop & Laptop Computers » Consumer Electronics » Power Systems and Generators

We sell thousands of pieces of used equipment annually. Our client equipment is sold through the right market channel which maximizes its value. The process may include end-user, reseller or wholesale markets.


The introduction of flat panel LCD monitors and televisions has lead to an overwhelming cathode ray tube (CRT) disposal challenge. It's estimated that more than 57 million television and computer monitors will be sold annually in the US, replacing CRT based systems. COM2 provides total CRT recycling, CRT Glass Recycling at our Chicago Electronics Recycling - Carol Stream, Illinois processing facility.

Our process separates the front panel non-leaded glass from the lead based tube funnel of CRTs used in televisions and computer monitors. After our phosphor cleaning procedure, we separate the glass and process it to produce cleaned furnace ready glass cullet.

The COM2 CRT Glass-to-Clean Glass process recovers thousands of pounds of leaded glass daily to eliminate the danger of improper landfill disposal002E.


Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of recycling their electronics and the environmentally responsible options they have available. COM2 regularly works with local authorities, schools and businesses to support community Electronics Recycling events. Our team provides residents with an opportunity to properly discard their end-of-life electronics at designated locations within their community. Our services are also extended to Schools and other non-profit organizations at no charge. Contact us for help coordinating your next community electronics recycling event.


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Accuracy in managing end-of-life electronics and Asset Recovery processing is of paramount importance to the COM2 team and our customers. When your electronics are received, our team records each item and verifies that the processing plan matches with your order.

After recording the unit to be processed in our tracking database, the reverse supply chain disposition is determined. Our experienced team members separate end-of-life components from Asset Recovery items for disassembly, shredding, glass processing and baling for shipment to our downstream partners.

Those items that are flagged for Data Destruction are routed to our data security team who uses our US Dept. of Defense approved and licensed media sanitation process. Each unit we receive is tracked by manufacturer and serial number. All corporate identification tags are removed to further protect your privacy.

COM2's Asset Recovery remarketing program is one of the most attractive program options in the industry. This profit-sharing agreement allows the for cost recovery for those systems that may have a remaining useful life. For more information on our profit sharing program, please contact us directly.